Energy Energy Blurred


Who needs caffeine? This class will help you naturally increase your energy levels. Learn to work with the energy of your day-to-day life in this guided practice by one of our teachers. Every moment has its energy. Instead of letting it ride you, learn to ride the energy of this very moment.

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  • Aaron Teich - 20 Minute - Mantra


    This mantra session will help you retrain the mind for more clarity and energy throughout your day.

  • Aaron Teich - 10 Minute - Mantra


    Learn how to work with mantra in the Kundalini tradition, rousing your energy so you feel more uplifted yet also grounded.

  • Aaron Teich - 10 Minute - Breath


    In this practice session we work with the breath in a way that is simply invigorating, so that you end up feeling vibrant and alive.

  • Aaron Teich - 5 Minute - Breath

    5m 9s

    Here we work with this breath in a controlled way to boost your energy.

  • Aaron Teich - 1 Minute - Breath


    A quick reset using the breath.