Breath Breath Blurred


Learn to focus on your breathing, a meditation technique which allows you to be more calm and present in your day-to-day life. MNDFL’s signature meditation class, this practice grounds you in the here and now like a cold shower on a hot summer day.

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  • David Perrin - 5 Minute - Breath

    4m 40s

    A basic breath meditation that puts a spotlight on awareness.

  • Megan Mook - 5 Minute - Heart & Breath

    5m 38s

    Mindfulness of the heart practice with a twist: open up to an awareness of sensations and feelings.

  • Joshua Bee Alafia - 25 Minute - Loving Kindness


    A metta or loving kindness meditation to strengthen your heart. Emphasis on relaxation, your breath and calming the mind.

  • Ralph De La Rosa - 20 Minute - Emotions


    A meditation using the breath as a healing force to focus and channel strong emotions.

  • Ally Bogard - 20 minute - Calm


    Create a sense of calm and ease in your day. Move away from distraction by returning to the breath.

  • Joshua Bee Alafia - 10 Minute - Breath


    Need a ten minute stress break? Learn to work with anxiety and difficult mental states by coming back to the breath.

  • Ally Bogard - 5 Minute - Breath

    4m 48s

    Develop a relationship with your breath in order to remove stress with this meditation that increases calm and de-stresses your body and mind.

  • Ralph De La Rosa - 10 Minute - Breath

    9m 16s

    Not the normal breath class! This session incorporates a Tibetan breathing technique known as the Nine Fold Clearing.

  • Melissa McKay - 20 Minute - Breath


    A breath practice aimed at moving away from distraction so you can focus on the present moment on and off the meditation seat.

  • Joshua Bee Alafia - 20 Minute - Breath


    Take a breath and learn to relax! This dive into mindfulness practice will give you the space you need.

  • Lodro Rinzler - 1 Minute - Breath


    Heading into a stressful meeting? Try this quick meditation for calming your nerves.

  • Ralph De La Rosa - 5 Minute - Breath

    5m 16s

    A short check in with the breath so as to stay grounded throughout your day.

  • Ralph De La Rosa - 20 Minute - Breath


    Find focus and inspiration through this breath focused meditation.

  • Ralph De La Rosa - 1 Minute - Breath

    1m 22s

    Take a one minute breath break in your day!

  • Ally Bogard - 2 Minute - Breath

    2m 5s

    A short meditation to develop awareness and improve clarity.

  • Megan Mook - 2 Minute - Breath

    2m 10s

    Check in with yourself in this mini meditation, focusing on the breath.

  • Lodro Rinzler - 20 Minute - Breath


    The breath is the most portable meditation device, because you always have it with you. Learn the basic shamatha, or calm-abiding meditation, that allows you to be more present in your day.

  • Kate Johnson - 10 Minute - Emotions


    Learn the RAIN technique for working with strong emotions so that you are more able to remain present and embodied.

  • Lodro Rinzler - 30 Minute - Breath


    In this longer meditation session you will explore different ways of working with the breath to increase presence, connection, and calm.

  • Aaron Teich - 10 Minute - Breath


    In this practice session we work with the breath in a way that is simply invigorating, so that you end up feeling vibrant and alive.

  • Aaron Teich - 5 Minute - Breath

    5m 9s

    Here we work with this breath in a controlled way to boost your energy.