Arianna Bickle

Arianna Bickle

Arianna Bickle is a dancer, yogi, and life enthusiast calling New York City home after graduating from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a double major in Dance Performance and Digital Media. Her initial introduction to meditation was sparked during the completion of her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification program in 2012. With 7+ years of teaching yoga under her belt, she decided to shift her focus more deeply to her own spiritual path. Training under the guidance of Sara Auster, she received her Sound Practitioner certification in 2017 and shortly joined the teaching staff at MNDFL. She currently serves as the Senior Studio Manager of M N D F L, and continues to teach yoga + sound healing privately.

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Arianna Bickle
  • Arianna Bickle - 4 Minute - Sound

    Learn how to tune into and MNDFLly listen to the sounds that are all around you when you're on the go.

  • Arianna Bickle - 26 Minute - Sound

    Enjoy the rough equivalent of meditation candy. Arianna introduces the view behind why sound can be healing for us and then you can let the sound of the singing bowls resonate through your body leading to deep relaxation.

  • Arianna Bickle - 15 Minute - Sound

    Join your breath with the sound of tuning forks to help relax the body and mind.