Ally Bogard

Ally Bogard

As owner and teacher of Gaiatri Yoga Teacher Training, Ally Bogard has been leading yoga and meditation classes, retreats, immersions, and teacher trainings throughout the world for over ten years. Having first studied meditation through the Kriya and Tantric Yoga lineages, she continues to deepen her studies through insight, self-inquiry, and mindfulness meditation. Now based in New York City, she holds weekly group meditations for all levels of practitioners. Through great teachers and her studentship, she has cultivated a unique voice and a commitment to teach in a way that helps one become a clear vessel through which Higher Power can move for the service of others.

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Ally Bogard
  • Ally Bogard - 15 Minute - Love

    A practice that helps you understand what it means to not resist your life, but to build a mind that loves regardless of what is going on. Move away from getting lost in "what if" and learn to appreciate and accept things are they are.

  • Ally Bogard - 2 Minute - Breath

    A short meditation to develop awareness and improve clarity.

  • Ally Bogard - 5 Minute - Breath

    Develop a relationship with your breath in order to remove stress with this meditation that increases calm and de-stresses your body and mind.

  • Ally Bogard - 10 Minute - Gratitude

    Want more gratitude in your life? Here's a 10 minute deep dive into appreciating all that we have going on.

  • Ally Bogard - 10 Minute - Creativity

    Calm the mind and develop greater levels of creativity - observe emotions and stressors, note them, and create mental space.

  • Ally Bogard - 20 minute - Calm

    Create a sense of calm and ease in your day. Move away from distraction by returning to the breath.