20 Minutes or Less

20 Minutes or Less

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20 Minutes or Less
  • Lodro Rinzler - 20 Minute - Loving Kindness

    In order to more fully connect with everyone we meet this meditation helps us cultivate love for ourselves, so that we have a deep well to draw from in offering love to others.

  • Aaron Teich - 20 Minute - Mantra

    This mantra session will help you retrain the mind for more clarity and energy throughout your day.

  • Lodro Rinzler - 20 Minute - Intentions

    Learn to live a life of intention in this guided practice where you focus on a quality you feel is most important to you this week.

  • Ally Bogard - 20 minute - Calm

    Create a sense of calm and ease in your day. Move away from distraction by returning to the breath.

  • Lodro Rinzler - 20 Minute - Emotions

    Strong emotions can feel overwhelming. In this practice we learn to feel how we feel in order to see if there is valid communication coming out of these emotional states.

  • Kate Johnson - 20 Minute - Heart

    In this compassion practice you learn to work with the pain of others, offering the aspiration that they be free from their suffering.

  • Melissa McKay - 20 Minute - Breath

    A breath practice aimed at moving away from distraction so you can focus on the present moment on and off the meditation seat.