Watch this video and more on MNDFL

Watch this video and more on MNDFL

Adreanna Limbach - 7 Minute - Breath

10 Minutes or Less – 6m 44s

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  • David Perrin - 5 Minute - Breath

    If we begin our meditation from the ground up it helps diffuse the velocity of the mind. Use the spotlight of your awareness to get a feeling of the body breathing.

  • David Perrin - 10 Minute - Intentions

    Many of us have a photo or memento of a grandparent, teacher, or personal hero on our bookshelf or desk. Visualize their inspiring quality and make it part of you.

  • David Perrin - 10 Minute - Sleep

    Give your eyes a few minutes of deep rest and rejuvenation with this ancient, easy technique of ‘palming’.